Half-Blood Prints! What is in a box?

have you been thinking about what kind of subscription you want to commit to each month? or have a subscription box that you aren’t really happy with or think you are getting your moneys worth with? Well here is one monthly subscription that I LOVE!! granted, I have only been with this one (half-blood prints) for 2 months, but so far I have been IN LOVE WITH every box, and their sister box, ‘Fandom Of The Month’ is even MORE amazing (yes, that is possible) and I have been with them for 6 months, and my friend has been with them even longer!!

These boxes have made me EXCITED to get ready in the morning, or more realistically for work lol….They make me feel more self confident about myself because I feel more beautiful with their jewelery and shirt on. Their jewellery is beautiful, smaller, and not to gigantic or blingy..THEY’RE ACTUALLY WEARABLE!! This is why I splurge a little and get these each month (did I mention they are affordable? only $13 a month for the ‘Fandom of the Month’ ) these ladies are also sweet, generous, and REAL  PEOPLE, with REAL families so I am supporting a small buisness! I know this from following them on Facebook.

I am not getting paid to make these videos by the way, and I am aware that these videos are not the best of quality, but it is the best I can do with what I have 😀 I just wanted to make these videos for one of two reasons, 1) to Support and spread the word about these beautiful ladies, and 2) to work out the kinks of my logs 😀

the description of the YouTube Video has the links and more detailed info about these boxes…Hope you all are having a wonderful day!! Love you all!!


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