The Light


September 10th, 2011, 01:02 pm

The Light

I’m not too proud of this blog, but i can’t figure out what is missing from it, so here is what i have on it, at the best that it will probably be….i’m just a little disapointed in it…

Both little boys and girls and grown men and women have been wondering this. A man has a 9 mm gun pointed to his temple during a robbery at his local corner mini mart, his life flashes before his eyes as he takes a bullet for his wife. A  8 year old little boy is sick and on his death bed with the final stages of cancer and is thinking about all the wonderful things he did –and didn’t do – with his life. A serial killer is sentenced to death and in his last days, is full of regrets. What do all of these people have in common? Death, not only death, but they are also full of wondering, what will happen to them when they pass on? Who knows?

One common belief is that when you pass on, that you become ghosts and wonder around in these transparent forms for the rest of you life. Most of the time, the only ghosts that we see are the ghosts that had died in tragic deaths or that have unfinished business in this world. Until we either banish them with a priest, some Indian guy (I believe we call them medicine man or something along those lines ) or some other miscellaneous person to remove them from the house that they are currently haunting – which is usually the place of their death or lived a majority of their life – , or they complete their unfinished business, they don’t leave said location or even earth for that matter. But who is to say that there aren’t also good ghosts out there as well, your grandmother, son or daughter, or a life long friend/spouse, watching and following us around the world every where. Watching to make sure that we have and lead a happy life, who are there for use in both the rough and good times? Just because they do not haunt our dreams or throw down all our dishes and books doesn’t mean that they’re not with us.

Another belief – well two beliefs kinda – is that when you pass on, that you will, depending on how you chose to live out your life, go to either heaven or hell. That while in heaven, your every wish is your command. That you will be able to look down on your loved ones and see them go through the rest of their lives without you there to guide them. That you would never be in pain again, wrather that be hunger, sickness, love sick, or any other form of pain you could think of, never again would you feel it. That, while in heaven, you would live in the clouds with the Gods and be happy for the rest of eternity. That in hell, you would be in eternal pain, burning up from the flames of hell. Constantly being tortured by demons and the devil alike. Never know up from down. Constantly lied to.
The final belief – that I can think of at least – is that when you die, you move on, pass over and are reincarnated into another life and body, either human or animal. Even a insect. Some of us are supposedly able to remember our past lives, and/or have the ability to remember some of our lessons from it and incorporated it into the next one. Like for example, if in the past life your where killed by a lover, you would be commitment phobic and a bitch as a defensive maneuver. Or, once realizing the value of life in your past life due to a lot of deaths or something else, be sweet in the next life. This last one is a bad example, but it’s the best I could think of.

But, whos to say it has to be one of these? That, once you die, only one of these things may happen to you? Why cant they all happen? What I believes is that. When you die, one of two things happen. Depending on how you die, you will either become a ghost because of unfinished business or tragic death you are not able to go on to haven or hell. So there for you wander around for either moments or years until finally, you finished the business. Then, once ready, or skipping this stage completely, you will go onto either heaven or hell. If you go to heaven, you are there for as long as you want. But, what if you begin to get bored of heaven? Is that not possible? I think it is, so thats why I believe that once you reach this point in the after life, you choose to live on earth again, you know, free will and all, and you are reincarnated into another life form. Even a fly to only live for 3 days. ( boy wouldn’t that suck?) of course, this would only be the case if you went to heaven, if you lead a life of crime and evil, you would only have the choice of hell, no reincarnation for you.

This last one is a complete theory that I have come up with in the last few months, I really don’t know how much I believe it, I do think it is completely possible though. It certainly would explain many things. The heaven and hell thing I do believe in 100%. That if you live a good life, not killing any one and treating others as you’d like to be treated, that you would make it into the gates of heaven. I do not think you need to be baptized or live and breathe God and Jesus in order to go to heaven. If that was so, what about all the children who are still born or only live a few days or years, never making it to the holy water to be bathed in? What then? Do these poor souls go to hell even though they did nothing wrong? Or, what if you where a grown adult, where nice to every one, but never had the fortune of meeting anyone to show and introduce you to God or a religion with him in it? Would you not go to heaven then?  There are other things aside from murder that I think could give you an instant ticket to hell, for example, rape or  something a little less severe, is I believe that if you commit suicide, that you would go to hell. I do not know why I believe this, but it is just a feeling I get. I know I feel this because it is one of the multiple of reasons that prevented me from following through with committing suicide when I was a rebellious teenager and just wanted to escape this harsh reality here on earth. A minor reason at least. The other being that I did not want a loved one to have to find me, identify my body and affect the rest of my family in any harsh way. That would not be fair to them.

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