September 16th, 2011, 10:26 pm

A few days ago, two of my best friends “Mario” and “Luigi” got in a huge fight over my roommate. It was a really stupid fight (but then what serious fight isn’t stupid?). And it was really one sided (only one person was the aggressor, the other was just standing there and taking it) but, it got me thinking, what would I do if I was to get in a fight with someone. Would I fight back? Cower? Yell out for help? Laugh in the guys face? What would I do?
I guess it would just depend on the person really. When I was younger, like 17, my sister in law was yelling at me after finding my boyfriend and I alone in my room, naked, and after performing extra curricular activities….needless to say she wasn’t to thrilled about that, especially since she was out of town and my brother was at work so no one was suppose to find out about it. Anyways, she was yelling at me, I was just sitting there taking all her fury cause I knew I deserved every word of it, when all the sudden, she jumped on me and started choking me. I tensed up, paralyzed, and smiled. SMILED!  Who smiles when they’re attacked? Luckily my brother was there to pull her off, but God. I was an idiot. She FLIPPED and ultimately I was kicked out that night and moved in with my boyfriend and his parents that very same day. What got me remembering this instance, this memory that has been in a storage unit in the back of my mind for years now, was this fight between my two previously best friends.  (they’re not so much anymore due to them fighting over this girl. And also, basically giving about 95% of their attention to her and only about 5% to everything else around them) When my friend “Mario” was choking my friend “Luigi”, “Luigi” didn’t put up any fight at all. He just stood there and took it, not wanting to stoop down to “Mario’s” level. This is after “Mario” threw him down to the ground twice, ran up behind him and choked him (after turning “Luigi” around) and after not getting any of the desired response, “Mario” stops choking him. “Mario”, he still stares angrily at him, but, when face to face, of all the things for “Luigi” to say, he says “Don’t kiss Me”. This is the last response that anyone would have expected from “Luigi”. I grew to have a lot more respect from him after this. I mean really, who says this after getting attacked by someone who use to be your best friend for 4 years and is now trying to steal your girlfriend (well off and on girlfriend thanks to “Mario”) from you? Who doesn’t fight back? Like I said. A LOT of respect.  I know I probably would have tried to remove his arms from my neck at the very least, I would have asked him to not hurt me, maybe cried (I don’t think so though) a  little. I NEVER would have said “don’t kiss me” in the face of so much anger. Especially since I KNOW “Mario” could kick my (and “Luigi’s”) ass. And by saying this, it would have made him go ape shit on me. You know the bloody, brutal scenes on Planet of the Apes? Ya, we would have been the sorry humans and “Mario” would be one of the Apes. He would be Ceasar from the new movie “Rise of the Apes” (GREAT movie by the way)
If someone was to jump me from behind, I don’t think I would scream, I don’t think I would fight even. What I think I would do would be to jump, take a deep inhale of breath in fear and maybe scream out “FUCK!”, at least this is what I do when a friend or family member scares me half to death unexspectantly. This is what I do when I stub my toe and/or wake up late. Basically, if this person was jumping me in the attempt to kill me, I think they would succeed. Which quite honestly, scares me half to death. For this reason alone, I want someone to jump me on a regular basis so that I would have the practice and skills needed to be clear headed if this rare occurrence was to ever happen. I makes me want to go to a defence class TODAY. Cause I know, I don’t have enough muscles or skills needed to survive an attack like this. My best defense would be to kick the guy (or maybe girl) in the go nads but who knows if I’d be able to even do it. Knowing my luck, they’d probably be wearing a cup. And I know to go for the eyes and neck, but I have this tickling fear that if I was to be in this situation, that my mind and body would just….freeze.
Now, if it was to be someone I know, I have a feeling it would be an all together different story. I think if this was to happen with someone that I’ve known for awhile, that I would try to talk them down. That I would fight them back instantly. That I wouldn’t be paralyzed in fear. I might hesitate to injure them, but I would try to get them off me. No cheap shots. I Probably would try to pull their hair though lol..I would probably laugh at them and smile as well. That’s just something I do when I’m nervous. I still probably wouldn’t be ballsy enough to say something along the lines of “don’t kiss me” when they hold my neck in their hands though. I’m not that ballsy.
Here is a different situation though, If Someone was to attack me while my son or another defenseless loved one was behind me – or even not so defenseless – I probably would only freeze for one moment in order to access the situation, scream out “RUN” and then I would react. I would try to move the attacker/s as far away from them as possibly, even at the expense of my own life. I would grab a weapon of some sort and beat them till they are either dead, paralyzed, or run away. And if they where to run away I would make sure to find something on or in their get away car to report to the cops in order to narrow down the suspect field. I would not just sit their and take it.
When I see someone being attacked (both verbally and physically), not playfully, and even sometimes playfully when I can tell what is being said or done is actually hurting them, I do come to their defense, even complete strangers. That is why I know that if someone was about to get a bullet shot at them, or if they where about to get hit by a car, I know I would jump out and try to take it for them. I would do this even though I have a child. I know son has a thousand and one loved ones who would willingly take him into his loving household and arms. I know he wouldn’t be going into foster care and would have a good life. If I could choose any way to die,  I would want it to be because of something like this. For someone else. Even a complete stranger. I think this would be a good, yes, painfull, death. I wouldn’t want to die while jumping off a cliff, or old age. I wouldn’t want to die while being mugged. I would want to die for something  I believe in. That being life and their being good in the world. Even though my son would now be motherless, at least he would (hopefully) get something from my death. A lesson learned. When ever I see something like this happening on a movie or television, like Georgie in “Greys Anatomy” jumping in front of a bus for a complete stranger, or Sebastian in “Cruel Intentions” jumping in front of the car for his love, or the one guy in “Flight of the Phoenix” jumping in front of the gun for his friend, I think to myself, “would I have the reflexes needed or the courage to do what they just did?” and almost instantly I think. Yes. I would. In a heartbeat. If I had to choose to save myself or die trying to save someone else, I would choose death.
Long story short, who knows how we would act in a certain life or death situation, will we be paralyzed or would be laugh in the face of anger and say “don’t kiss me”. Who really knows? I can only hope that I never have to find out first hand. I DO hope that when I an old and ready to move on, that I will have the opportunity to save another life though, but then again, I don’t know if I would even have the reflexes to beat the bullet then lol…

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