The Bleeding Heart

Today on my adventures around town, getting things, I saw SO MANY things that my oldest son would have loved and could have potentially spent hours enjoying


I found this adorable painted heart shaped rock, and had just had it hanging out in my backpack with me, all the time, and both my loves have one too, we’ll one will receive it when I CAN send it to him (they both LOVE rocks, and it was not unknown for my Oldest T.J. and I to paint pet rocks from time to time. I fell in love instantly. So did my youngest C.X.K. who is the one who encouraged me to purchase them (he went balistic with joy when I gave it to him) Now, when I see the rock, I think of my boys, even more then I already do. So, I came up with an idea, when I see something that I would be doing with my kiddos, that I would show or point out with them, I would take a picture of the rock in the frame. This is what I have so far 😀


I would have taken them with me to the library, read some books, checked out a new “Gardians of Gahool” or “Magic Tree House”, played with the blocks, and spent a good 2 hours just reading, our noses stuck in books


I saw this great climbing tree that T.J. would have LOVED, and not too tall that I couldn’t help him



We all LOVE flowers, this just looked beautiful!!

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